Comfortvilla Top 10 restaurants in Begur

Top 10 restaurants in Begur and surrounding area
Begur has many good, attractive restaurants; you are rarely disappointed. For Tapas there are many options in the centre, for example El Tapas de Begur. But that is not all. We would like to share our 10 favourites with you!

There are several very nice and good restaurants in and around Begur. We made a top 10 for you of our favourite restaurants in this part of the Costa Brava.

Recer de la Mar – Sa Riera

Recer de la Mar - Sa Riera - Begur - Costa Brava

Here they cook honest and delicious food! Authentic Catalan dishes but created with international experience, making them surprising, tasty and affordable. This restaurant is open most days of the year which makes it extra popular with us. You will automatically pass it when you go to or from the beach of Sa Riera and you can also have a great lunch there during a day at the beach!

Plaza Sa Riera, tel: +34 972 622384 

La Pizzeta – Begur Centre

La Pizzeta - Begur - Costa Brava

This restaurant is highly recommended if you want to eat out with smaller children. Why? First of all, they serve fantastic pasta and pizzas and most children like that! But also, because they are already open at 7pm which is unusual for Spain. And having your meal on time with north European children is often a good thing because that is what they are used to. However, they runseveral shifts so unfortunately you cannot stay the whole evening during July and August if you arrive early.

Ventura Sabater, 4 in Begur (opposite the market square).

Tothora – Begur Centrum

Tothora - Begur - Cosat Brava

Maybe more of a bistro but a real meeting place in Begur, with simple but delicious dishes and tapas. This restaurant is also open most days of the year and that is partly the reason that many locals also come here. Apart from lovely food you can also come here to watch a game of FA Barcelona live, or for example World Cup or European Cup games.

Carrer Francesc Forgas, 1 – Begur (opposite the church, next to the town hall) 

Sa Garrofa – Residencial de Begur

Restaurant Sa Garrofa - Begur - Costa Brava

Located just outside Begur, near the Comfortvilla office, you will find this organic restaurant with a lovely garden. Delicious dishes, very friendly people and apart from organic food there is also an organic shop. They recently opened in 2018 but they have already established a good reputation!

Camí del Mas Rostei, s/n – Begur

Toc al Mar – Aiguablava beach – Begur

Toc al Mar - Aiguablava - Begur - Costa Brava

A Comfortvilla Top 10 of restaurants in Begur should always involve this one. This restaurant is more or less located on the beach of Aiguablava and is therefore in one of the most beautiful spots of the entire coast. Plus they serve lovely food. Naturally there is a lot of fish on the menu, which is no surprise as you practically dine with your feet in the sea. A perfect place to have lunch but you must book during the summer season! 

Can Kai – Begur Centre

Can Kai - Japanese Restaurant Begur

If you are not in the mood for Tapas or other Spanish dishes, you can now enjoy delicious Japanese tapas in Begur: Sushi! Located in the centre, next to the famous bar La Lluna, you can find Japanese restaurant Can Kai. 

Carrer de la Concepcio Pi “Tato”, 3, Begur 

Can Nasi – Begur Centre

Can Nasi - Begur - Costa Brava

Restaurant Can Nasi is practically located next to Can Kai. This restaurant has been a very familiar name in Begur for years. In the garden you can dine in peace while you enjoy the warm Spanish evenings, overlooking the beautiful “Cuban” houses in Begur.

Carrer Camí del Mar, 5. Begur. 

Hotel Restaurant Sa Tuna

Hotel Restaurant Sa Tuna - Begur - Costa Brava

If you love fresh fish, combined with one of the most beautiful bays of the Spanish coast, you must definitely visit this restaurant. The fish is always super fresh and prepared perfectly and there is a view of the stunning, and I would even say majestic, bay of Sa Tuna.

Passeig de l’Àncora, 14Sa Tuna – Begur 

Houses we offer in the area of Sa Tuna: Villa Eva, Casa Lara, Casa Sara, Casa Marbello, Villa Sa Tuna and Villa Can Naltros.

El Bistro de Begur

El Bistro de Begur
El Bistro de Begur

Actually our favourite Restaurant! During the week you can order the menu of the day, with daily surprises. The lovely cook uses fresh vegetables and surprising dishes. And don’t forget the wines!!! Many very good wines at very good prices!

Placa Forgas, 2 – Begur

Diferent – Begur centre

Restaurant Diferent Begur - Costa Brava

This restaurant is relatively new in Begur and is located in the centre, next to the church and the square. Definitely high quality and very stylish. They have an international menu. The chef gained his experience in very good restaurants, including Bulli.

Placa de l’Iglesia, 4, Begur.

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