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Below you will find all blogs from Comfortvilla. The first one published on November 30, 2017. Here, we will write about a number of nice, beautiful, special and handy things we encounter in the area of Begur, Pals, Palafrugell, Palamos and the corresponding surroundings. The blogs will hopefully help you during your holidays in this region. 


#Blog1: Tips for the best and most beautiful beaches along the Costa Brava

Illa Roja

Those who have already visited the area of Begur, Pals and Palafrugell before, know the beautiful diversity of the beaches in the direct vicinity. They are absolutely unique for Spain, and the one is even more beautiful and pleasant than the other.

The best aspect about it is that they are all different and have their own unique characteristics. You will find beaches with fine white sand, others with small pebbles or containing rocks and plateaus only. Some beaches are especially suitable for small children, while others, by definition are not. However, there are shared characteristics also: they are all located in the midst of wonderful green surroundings, with many pine trees, and they often have a comfortable sheltered location. Another shared characteristic: during summer it is difficult to park your car during certain moments of the day.


Really, we recommend you to visit another beach every day! However, we don’t mind to describe all beaches to you, so everyone can make their own decision. We will place them in order for you starting in the north and going down towards the south, with in this first blog the beaches of Playa de Pals.


Platja del Grau - Pals

Platje del Grau - Pals

This might be the most tranquil beach of the region, especially when you walk towards the mouth of the river Rec de Molí. To come here, you drive all the way around the golf course of Golf Platja de Pals and at the end you follow the road to the right. The beach is elongated, wide and of reasonably fine white sand. Also here is a large parking lot, which makes parking your car relatively easy. During summer there is lifeguard supervision and there are several nice beach bars like Ala Brava and Um Pals.

Additionally you can take sailing or surfing lessons here via  Windsurf-Pals, both for adults and for children. Here you can also rent supplies for SUP, kayak, surfing, windsurfing or even a bike if you do not want to go out on the water.

Something that you can’t do everywhere, but you can do on this beach, is rent beach beds. Furthermore, aside from the lifeguards there is also a post from the Red Cross and there are toilets available.


Platja Gran - Pals

The other beach of Playa de Pals is Platja Gran. This beach is nearest to the centre of Platja the Pals and connected to Platja del Racó and Illja Roja in Begur.

Platja Gran - Pals

This beach is approximately 1.5 kilometres long and about 600 metres wide. Also here, beautiful fine white sand and enough space for children. The water quality in Playa de Pals is regularly tested and keeps coming out of the test as excellent.

You can swim everywhere, except from the enclosed areas where boats come to and from the beach. Just like Platja del Grau there is supervision and a post from the Red Cross. Toilets are available.

A popular restaurant here, located directly next to the beach, is Sol i Mar. While you enjoy delicious tapas, a cold white wine, or a great lunch, your children will play in the white sand directly in front of you. 

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