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Imagine arriving in Spain for a well-earned carefree holiday without any hassles. However, upon arrival nothing is as it should be. The grass is overgrown, the swimming pool is green, the roof has sprung a leak and there is no electricity. Just imagine the extra costs needed to fix the lack of maintenance and the fact that your holiday is as good as ruined, something which could have been prevented. With the help of Emporda Conrol Co-ordination and Services (ECCS) you can prevent these hassles.

ECCS is a Dutch/Spanish service organisation. We are specialised in management and maintenance of Real Estate. During your absence ECCS keeps a close watch on your property and takes care of the necessary maintenance of your property ensuring that everything is in order upon your arrival in Spain. We guarantee a high quality as each gardener, decorator, contractor and technician is chosen for their expertise.


How does ECCS work?
You can sign a contract with us for a set period of time. During your absence we inspect - and when necessary- maintain your property every two weeks. We inspect everything including the garden, the general maintenance of the house, the heating, water and electricity as well as the oil or gas tanks. Any problems that we discover are reported back to you.
In a nutshell: We take care of all your needs!


Project management

ECCS Co-ordination offers a number of extra services that guarantee a good maintenance level for your property and at the same time allow you to have a care free holiday in Spain. The following options are all possible:

  • Coordination/supervision concerning technical or maintenance problems concerning your property;
  • Communication with the contractors in charge of the maintenance;
  • Annual cleaning of heating or climate control equipment;
  • Maintenance and licensing of your car;
  • Supplying estimates for any jobs that need to be done;
  • Cleaning of your accommodation;
  • Servicing the garden;
  • Servicing your swimming pool;
  • Assisstance with car rental;
  • Assistance with Spanish tax returns.


Do you own a home in Begur? Do you wish to renovate your home, extend your property or change the layout? ECCS can help you.
A new kitchen or bathroom, a new coat of paint on the in- or outside, an extra terrace or even a swimming pool we can do it all and you are welcome to communicate with us in English. Please contact us for free for a quote or general advice via info@eccs-begur.com

Are you planning on buying a house in the area of Begur? ECCS can help! Although there are certain rules and regulations which ensure that all new building work has to take the unique character of the area into consideration (ie. Earth colours, no high rise buildings, etc.) we are aware of certain areas where it is still possible to build luxury villas. Depending on your preferences we can get you in contact with the right parties in the region. As an independent party we can help you reach the right decision. For more information, feel free to contact us for free advice and estimates.

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